Okuno Tobo - Ceramic Arts Studio / Togei Class in Nara, Japan

Access to Okuno Tobo

By Train

From Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara City please take the Kintetsu Train Line to Haibara Station. (It is about an hour from Osaka)
From Nagoya please take the Kintetsu Train Line to Nabari Station. (It is about an hour and a half from Nagoya)

You can take the Kintetsu Train line to Haibara or Nabari Stations and we can pick up in a car, each carload of guests costs 2,000 yen.

By Car

Please come to the Road Stop/Station named Ise Highway, Mitsue - you can insert the following into google maps Himeisinoyu but please make sure you are looking in Mitsue Village. It is on National Route 368 from Nabari, National Route 369 from Haibara or Uda City, the National Meihan and Hari Expressway, and the Ueno IC. From Haibara and IC Ueno it takes about an hour to get to the road station, or michi no eki, and from the station to Tobo is about a 5 min drive.

Note: inputting the address into google maps will work just fine. You can also try the romaji option that follows: 7191 Kozue, Mitsue-Mura, Uda-Gun, Nara-Ken, Japan.

Google map

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