Okuno Tobo - Ceramic Arts Studio / Togei Class in Nara, Japan

point_01Our Pottery Classes

Come work clay in a quaint Japanese village.
In Okuno Tobo you can mold the clay using your hands and you can even try using the potter’s wheel. Anyone can do it.
We will assist you in the creative process.

(Please apply in groups of two or more)


Standard Course

You can make plates, bowls, vases, whatever you like. You can even try your hand at the potter’s wheel. There is a 2 kg clay limit, but that allows for 3 to 4 pieces.
There are also six colors of glaze for you to choose from.

Starting at 4,000yen

Painting Course

We also offer a ceramics painting opportunity. You can use glaze to paint anything you like on 5 small plates that we have crafted for you.

Starting at 4,000yen

Special Course

Sample Images from the Standard Course (in which you can use 3 kg of clay)
Touban Nabe (flat Japanese Dutch Oven) / Akari (light fixture)

You can make a ceramic cooking vessel that can serve four to five people, or an ornamental light fixture. Both are made using a form, for the light fixture you can choose from a cylindrical, conical, or spherical shape. After firing, the nabe, or pot, has a diameter of about 25 cm and the ‘Akari’ light fixture has a height of about 30 cm for the cone and cylinder, and a diameter of 22~23 cm for the sphere.

Starting at 10,000yen

Standard Course - Okuno Tobo

Painting Course - Okuno Tobo

Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Nabe - Okuno Tobo Togei Yunomi - Okuno Tobo Togei Nabe - Okuno Tobo Togei Akari - Okuno Tobo Togei Akari - Okuno Tobo

[Ceramic Production]

About 2 to 3 hours of hands-on work. The drying, glazing, and the firing processes take about two months. Yes, we do offer a shipping service!

(Shipping Service) ChargesAfrica, South America, Oceania, the Middle East, North America, Central America, The Caribbean, and Europe starting from 4,000 yen
Asia starting from 3,000 yen


Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Class - Okuno Tobo Togei Class - Okuno Tobo